MAMERunner is a front-end (or shell) to run arcade games using the MAME emulator program.
MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator which is able to play arcade games.
Since MAME is only a command-line emulator, MAMERunner can be used as a graphical front-end for MAME so that you can easily select, play, and manage games.

Games do not come with MAME or MAMERunner, instead you must supply your own legally purchased games. Non-commercial games are available from the MAME website Downloads section
If you download these games, either place them directly into the \ROMS\ subdirectory or use the Add Game option in MAMERunner.

Download MAMERunner Version (Size 6,282 KiB) Freeware
SHA256 Hash = 5bb335f986adfaa443e093a03e557ed36e3a86c841544c9245f546bc5a474975



The features of this new version have been updated to include support for 7-Zip, faster ROM verification and a new look which allows you to choose your skin.

  • It's FREE, NO registration required, NO Adware, NO spyware.
  • Supports Windows 7 to Windows 10.
  • Support for 64-bit version of MAME.
  • Disables the Windows key during game play.
  • Checks the integrity of your games.
  • Displays whether game ROMs are good, bad, or unknown.
  • Mark your favourite games.
  • Show screenshots (SNAPs) of games.
  • Produce a verification report of all ROMs or a single ROM.
  • Check health of Zip and 7-Zip files.
  • ROM management - Add and delete ROMs.
  • New Import game ROMs directly from Zip and 7-Zip files, directories, or another sources like CD\DVD.
  • Reset individual ROM settings.
  • Easily change settings and controls like game, joystick, and sound controls.
  • Display and search a list of games support by the MAME emulator.
  • Ability to directly modify emulator settings.
  • Select and play a game at random.
  • New Program can be displayed using a wide selection of skins.


Operating Systems:
Windows 7 to Windows 10

1 GHz processor or greater.

1GB minimum although dependent upon operating system requirements.

Disk Space:
20MiB free disk space.

You must have the relevant operating system permissions to install software on your PC.
DO NOT install to a TEMP directory.

MAME Emulator:
You MUST have already installed the MAME emulator program prior to installing and using MAMERunner.
Visit the MAME website Downloads section

Supported MAME Version:
The version of MAME supported by this program is the Windows version v0.172 and above, however, as long as the version supports the listfull, verifyroms command-line switches that produces exactly the same output format then there should be no reason why other versions can't be used.

Have at least one game:
You must already have installed at least one game ROM in the subdirectory under the MAME directory structure. Game ROMs must be legally purchased
Non-commercial sample games which are are available from the MAME website Downloads section


Upgrading MAMERunner:

If you are upgrading from a previous version of MAMERunner, then just install over the top of the existing installation. There is no need to uninstall it first.

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