Compact Workspace

Compact Workspace is a Notes database for users so they can easily compact their Lotus Notes workspace without having to navigate to the Workspace Properties dialog box and selecting the correct tab and button.

See the CompactDesktop page for a similar command-line utility.

Donate Download Compact Workspace v1.0 (Size 49 KiB) Freeware


R6, R7


For administrators:

  1. Copy this database to any Domino server accessible by users. (This database can also be used locally.)
  2. Change the ACL so that users have Reader access and set the other ACL entries as appropriate.
  3. Sign the database.

For users:

  1. Copy this database to your Notes Data directory.
  2. Open the database.
  3. Accept the signature/ECL warning which will appear unless your Notes administrator has already signed this database for you.