Link Hotspot Creator

The Link Hotspot Creator allows you to define a link to most files so that you can paste the link into your email or any other Lotus Notes database rather than attaching the entire file. When seen in read mode (i.e. not whilst editing) the link can be clicked on and a browser window will open displaying the file. It is a very useful tool for all users.

Download Link Hotspot Creator for R7 (Size 39 KiB) Freeware
Donate Download Link Hotspot Creator for R6 (Size 34 KiB) Freeware
Download Link Hotspot Creator for R5 (Size 36 KiB) Freeware


R5, R6, R7


  1. Place this database anywhere under the Notes DATA path of your server.
  2. Change the ACL to your needs.
  3. Sign the database.


  1. Click on the Select File(s) button below.
  2. Select the desired file or files from the dialog box (Hold down the [Ctrl] button to select more than one file).
  3. Click on the Open button.
  4. A message will be displayed indicating that you can now paste the link.
  5. Paste your link into a rich text field of an email or Notes document.


  • You can only paste links into rich text fields that support font attributes like bold font and coloured text (not plain text fields).
  • Links to files will only work if people using the link have access to the file.
    For example;
    * Links to files on your PC or your home LAN drive will only work for yourself.
    * Links to files on shared LAN drives will work as long as people have access to it.
  • If the file the link was created from is renamed, deleted, or moved then the link will not work.