Log Analyser 6 v4

This database is a tool for Lotus Domino administrators to detect events in the Domino server log and report on them. This database searches the documents in the Miscellaneous Events and Mail Routing Events views in the LOG.NSF database looking for keywords and upon detection create a report document which can also be sent via email.

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R6, R7, R8.5x


  • Examines the documents in the Miscellaneous Events or Mail Routing Events in the server's LOG.NSF database looking for keywords.
  • Searches can be scheduled or run manually.
  • Allows multiple Settings documents so you can search different servers, log databases, or using different keywords.
  • Keywords are case insensitive.
  • Allows you to list keywords to ignore to help prevent reporting known errors.
  • Search results are recorded in multiple categories views.
  • Search results can be emailed, saved to the database, or in the can of a manually search displayed immediately.
  • Keywords are highlighted by colour.
  • Old reports are purged after a specified interval.


  1. Copy this database to anywhere under the Domino DATA path.
  2. Change the ACL to your requirements.
  3. Change the Agent Settings to list the people you would like to notify upon agent error.
  4. Change the Settings documents to detect the keywords you desire etc.
  5. Change the agent properties so that it runs to your desired schedule (Default is every two hours)
  6. Enable the agent.


Please see the database Help or "Using this Database" for more information.


The Log Analyser was written and tested for Domino 6.0.3, 6.5.3, and 7.0.2 servers running Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2000. This database may not work on other operating systems.