When your Lotus Notes client crashes you normally have to reboot your PC which is very annoying.
This program allows you to clean up the Windows processes that hang around when your Lotus Notes client crashes so that you can start Lotus Notes again without restarting your PC.

This program is similar to KillNotes, however, it also terminates the processes notes.exe, nlnotes.exe, ntaskldr.exe, nminder.exe and nsd.exe associated with nnotes.dll and displays the terminated processes in various levels of detail.

StopNotes is also includes a DOS command-line version called StopNotesCL.exe

Download StopNotes v1.4.2.0 (Size 552 KiB) Freeware
SHA256 Hash = ff4174883fa9eb752866d427f880a1a686f0c6881fbbdc47dadc25849ac1d364

StopNotes - Restart Lotus Notes without restarting your PC


R8, R7, R6, R5


  • Allows you to start Lotus Notes again without restating the PC.
  • Can be used to stop a frozen Lotus Notes application.
  • Displays the processes terminated.
  • Includes a DOS command-line version suited for batch files.
  • Suitable for Lotus Notes clients R5.x until R8.x.
  • No installation required, just run the EXE.
  • Does not contain Adware or Spyware.
  • Does not alter your Windows Registry.

How It Works

StopNotes finds and stops any process used by Lotus Notes currently running on your computer.

When Lotus Notes crashes abnormally, some processes are left running. The Lotus Notes client may not be able to start again until your computer is restarted. StopNotes will find and terminate these processes normally so that you can quickly start Lotus Notes again.

Specifically, StopNotes searches for any process (except system processes) which uses the Lotus Notes module NNOTES.DLL. This module is the backbone of Lotus Notes and contains many commonly used functions.

Other processes which are stopped are notes.exe, nlnotes.exe, ntaskldr.exe, nminder.exe, nsd.exe

Lotus Notes 6 and above do come with a similar process termination program called NSD.EXE, however, this is often too slow for users as it creates many logs and debug files. StopNotes is fast and simple to use.

Supported Environments:

  • Operating Systems: Windows 10, 8, Vista, 7 \ Windows Server 2012 R2, 2008 R2
  • Lotus Notes Clients: 8.x, 7.x, 6.x, 5.x


No installation required. Just extract StopNotes.exe and StopNotesCL.exe files anywhere on your PC and run.

Using StopNotes.exe:

When your Lotus Notes client crashes, run the StopNotes.exe. A dialog box will show you how many processes were cleaned up and what they were. Click on Exit and restart your Lotus Notes client.
You can leave StopNotes running if you wish. Clicking on the Run Again button (or pressing F9 key) will execute StopNotes again.

The Debug Level setting allows you to set how much information is displayed to you when StopNotes is run. Level options are Minimal, Normal (default), and Verbose. The Debug Level last used is remembered for you. StopNotes creates a small configuration file in the same directory location as StopNotes.exe called StopNotes.ini. This file contains the last Debug Level setting used.

Edit the StopNotes.ini file to add/remove other Lotus Notes processes listed under OtherLotusNotesClientProcesses which are searched for and stopped (default are notes.exe, nlnotes.exe, ntaskldr.exe, nminder.exe, nsd.exe)

StopNotes contains several command-line switches:

StopNotes.exe /?
Displays this help dialog box.

StopNotes.exe /d0
Minimal debug level.

StopNotes.exe /d1
Normal debug level.

StopNotes.exe /d2
Verbose debug level.

Using StopNotesCL.exe:

StopNotesCL.exe is a command-line version of StopNotes.exe which is suitable for batch file operations.

StopNotesCL command-line version

Usage: StopNotesCL [/?] [/q] [/d]
	/? Help.
	/q Quiet, no screen output.
	/d Verbose debug.

Exit Codes/Return Codes:
	0 = Success, 1 = Failure - Process could not be terminated.

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