Workspace Populator

This database tool will allow users to search for all databases they have access to and add them to their workspace.
It is a fast and simple way to populate a users workspace with their database icons in cases where they are new users or if their workspace is corrupted or lost.

This database allows users to:

  • search for all the databases they have access to via specified access groups and add these to their workspace
  • switch to view their workspace
  • check and compact their workspace (which can often fix many common problems that they may be experiencing)

Donate Download Workspace Populator v2 (Size 84 KiB) Freeware


R6, R7


Users must have reader access to both names.nsf and catalog.nsf.
The Catalog task must be scheduled to run nightly (as per default Domino server settings ServerTasksAt1=Catalog,Design)


Detailed instructions are provided in the database.

  1. Place this database on a Domino server where is can be easily available to users.
  2. You may want to add this database to the Desktop and Setup Policies in the Domino Directory.
  3. Change the ACL as required - providing Default users with Author access. Do not tick the Admin role.
  4. These users will not see the User Activity or the Profile Settings menu options.
  5. Assign relevant Domino support staff with higher access and tick the Admin role.
  6. Sign the database with an appropriate ID.
  7. Select the Profile Settings menu option:
    * Make sure that the Server is the same as the server on which this database resides.
    * The Domino Directory Database should be NAMES.NSF.
    * The Domino Directory Person View which should be called People.
    * The Catalog Database should be CATALOG.NSF.
    * The usage of Global Access Groups is explained within the database instructions. The use of Global Access Groups is optional and can be left empty.
  8. Close and save the Profile Settings.
  9. Test using an appropriate account.


The database icons will be added to the current workspace page in the order in which databases are found and at the discretion of the Notes client. The icons may also be added to other workspace pages if a database being added already exists on that page.

This application will not be able to find databases that users have access to if the database ACL uses wild cards.
For example; */Illustration/*/Acme/US

There is a limitation of 200 database entries when finding database memberships. This can be changed in the Find Membership agent.

Database templates (NTFs) are excluded from the search. To include templates, set the switch IgnoreTemplateDatabases to False in the agent Find Membership.

Databases need will need to appear in the Catalog database (catalog.nsf) This is done by default, however, you can manually do it by making sure the "List in Database Calalog" is ticked for the required databases.