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All Freeware programs found on this site are completely free for personal use and do not contain spyware or adware, or are crippled in any way.

Shareware Products:

Digital Camera Copier NEW
Digital Camera Copier allows you to easily transfer files from your camera or other media and portable devices to your computer.
To make the transfer quicker, only new files are copied. The transferred files are copied into your choice of either the original file structure as found on the source device or into folders named by a chosen date format.

Clean Drive Pro
Clean Drive Pro is a tool for system administrators which finds all files under a specified path (including subdirectories) that are older than a specified number of days.
You are then given an option to delete the matching files (including empty directories).
Searches can be refined by file size, excluding\including file types (masks) or using a Regular Expression.
Clean Drive Pro will determine the age of the file based on either Created date or Modified date (whichever is the youngest).
This tool is perfect for anyone wanting to clean up system drives.

Displays policies to users and allows them to accept or decline these policies. The user's choice is recorded in a database along with their details. You can then perform subsequent actions based upon their decision.

Notes Password Recovery UPDATED
Utility that recovers Lotus Notes ID passwords using Dictionary search method, Brute-force search method, and Password Guessing.
* Supports Lotus Notes clients versions 5 to 8.5 FP1 all from one package.

Text Tools
A collection of text formatting tools which covers column delimited, tab delimited, CSV (comma separated values) as well as HTML tables and XML. Features both command-line and GUI interfaces.

Corporate Licences of Freeware Software

All freeware software on this site is expressly forbidden to be included in your own commercial software and “on sold”.

However, we do offer corporate licences allowing you to include specific releases of our software in your own commercial software.

It will be customized with your company’s name and even your company’s logo if you wish. You can even request specific customisation to fit your needs.

If you would like to know more please contacts us with your requirements.