ActSSaver - Activate Screen Saver

ActSSaver is a program that runs in your system tray and allows you to start your screen saver by click on the tray icon or using a hotkey. This is very handy especially when you've set your screen saver with a password and you want to leave your PC securely unattended.

Download ActSSaver v2.1.0.8 (Size 233 KB) Freeware



  • Activate screen saver using mouse or keyboard.
  • Hotkey is configurable.
  • Menu access to screen saver properties.
  • Auto start.


  1. Extract the file into a directory anywhere on your PC.
  2. Run ActSSaver.exe
  3. If you want to enable auto start then answer 'Yes' to the question.


Activate the screen saver by either double-clicking on the icon in your system tray OR pressing the hotkeys ( default keys [Win] + [S] )

Right-click on the icon on the system tray to access other menu options.


Does not work on systems where the screen saver properties are controlled by a domain group policy.