Clean Drive Pro

Clean Drive Pro is a tool for system administrators which finds all files under a specified path (including subdirectories) that are older than a specified number of days. You are then given an option to delete the matching files (including empty directories).
Searches can be refined by file size, excluding\including file types (masks) or using a Regular Expression.
Clean Drive Pro will determine the age of the file based on either Created date or Modified date (whichever is the youngest).

This tool is perfect for anyone wanting to clean up system drives.
NEW Now supports 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Download Clean Drive Pro v2.3.0.0 (Size 3,154 KiB) (Shareware - 15 day trial)
SHA256 Hash = 5305f4a1f53acedcab5d93675b5fef37cc951a1dfc153d64a6e95191b0290f97
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Clean Drive Pro


  • Search range for file\directory age is 0 to 10,000 days.
  • Search files by size.
  • Option to delete empty directories.
  • UNC paths are permitted.
  • Ability to include and exclude files by multiple masks (example *.dll or *.gif)
  • Use of case-insensitive Regular Expressions (RegEx) in search with option logical NOT operator.
  • Syntax of Regular Expressions can be manually tested.
  • Activity is automatically logged into a Rich Text File CleanDriveProActivity.rtf per scan/delete operation.
  • File attributes of matching files are recorded in a CSV file (CleanDriveProFiles.csv) per scan/delete operation.
  • All features can be run from the command-line and supports return codes.
  • Application screen position and size are memorized.
  • The installer will add Clean Drive Pro to the PATH system environment variable.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit support.

Software Requirements:

Operating System:
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP1+
Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2000
32-bit and 64-bit support.

1GHz or faster.

1GB minimum although dependent upon operating system requirements.

Disk Space:
10MB free disk space.

File System Permission:
The system account that performs the search and delete must have rights to delete files and directories, as well as rights to write logs and settings to the same path where CleanDrivePro.exe resides.


  • The age of a file based on either Created date or Modified date (whichever is the youngest).
  • The use of Last Accessed file attribute is not possible as server backup software usually stamps files with the date and time of the last backup.
  • Deletion of files and empty directories is subject to file permission restrictions of the account running Clean Drive Pro.
  • If you have enable the option to delete empty directories and no matching files are found, then empty directories will not be deleted.
  • Deleted directories and files will not be placed into the Recycle Bin.
  • You cannot use the old DOS 8.3 file naming convention for searching directory and file names.
  • Regular Expressions (RegEx) matches on path AND filename. When a match is made on the path ALL files under the matching path are selected.

More Information?

For more information, please consult the Help file included with the application.