Digital Camera Copier

Digital Camera Copier allows you to easily transfer files from your camera or other media and portable devices to your computer.

Transferring files from your camera is as simple as connect and transfer.

To make the transfer quicker, only new files are copied. The transferred files are copied into your choice of either the original file structure as found on the source device or into folders named by a chosen date format.

Your files can even initiate processing after the files are transferred. This means that you can do anything like resize, watermark, or even upload to cloud or server storage.

Download Digital Camera Copier v1.3.0.1 (Size 3,992 KiB) (Shareware - 30 day trial)
SHA256 Hash = 54155d26f70a63f6a525496d3b5d2a9eeea38ddc1b2dc2c8abbf6cafc721a813
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  • Supports most Windows Portable Devices (not limited to just cameras)
  • Supports multiple storage containers on one device (ie. internal device storage and pluggable storage like microSD)
  • Works with most USB devices.
  • Transfers only new and updated files.
  • Your choice of either comparing files by file date and size OR byte level file comparison.
  • Transfer all files on a device or just a sub-path.
  • You can filter files by type and only transfer those types.
  • Optionally remove files from the device after successful transfer.
  • Copy selected files from devices.
  • Delete selected files from devices.
  • Supports multiple devices with options\settings configurable for each one.
  • Displays the status of the device and a summary of its contents.
  • Folders and files on the device are displayed. You can directly open\view the file by double-click on it.
  • You can search for files or folders on the device.
  • You can run external programs\commands on each file transferred AND at the end of the file transfer.
  • Activity is automatically logged into a Rich Text file called DigitalCameraCopier Log *.rtf on exiting the application. Old logs can be removed after a set number of days (or not at all).
  • Customize the application with your choice of 20 skins.
  • Application windows size and position is memorized.

Software Requirements:

Operating System:
Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit versions)

2GHz or faster.

2GiB minimum although dependent upon operating system requirements.

Disk Space:
20MiB free disk space.

More Information?

For more information, please consult the Help file included with the application.