MoonTool is an astronomy program that displays information about the moon and sun as well as other data. It has been modified to display events in local time (rather than the universal time UT) and it is now easier to get to the "more data" section.

Download MoonTool v1.2 (Size 356 KiB) Freeware


New Features:

  • Highlights the next approaching date in blue.
  • Date/Time display more readable.
  • Fixed bug where change of location would not take effect until application was restarted.
  • Takes picture of the screen and puts in into the clipboard.
  • More Date form is now updated in real time.


  • Display Julian, universal, and local time.
  • Date and time for Moon rise and set.
  • Date and time for perigee and apogee.
  • Display age and phase of the Moon.
  • Date and time on which the Moon phase will appear.
  • Display the distance of the Moon from the Earth.
  • Date and time for Sun rise and set.
  • Date and time for perihelion and aphelion.
  • Display the distance of the Earth to the Sun.
  • Date and time of equinox and solstice.
  • Date and time for next Sun and Moon eclipse.
  • Dates for Easter, Passover, and Chinese new year.
  • Set observer location and hemisphere.
  • Minimise to System Tray.

Software Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, XP SP1+, 9x


Extract all the files into a directory anywhere on your PC.


Please read the help OR press the F1 key.


Most of the main code for this program was written by Andreas Höerstemeier.