PlaySound is a small utility that allows you to play various sound files interactively or via a command-line.
PlaySound will play the following sound files *.wav, *.mp3, *.wma, *.snd, or *.au provided that you have the associated codec already installed.

Donate Download PlaySound v1.2.1.6 (Size 342 KiB) Freeware



  1. Extract the file PlaySound.exe into a directory anywhere on your PC.
  2. If need be, copy sound files to the same path as PlaySound.exe

Interactive Usage:

  1. Run PlaySound.exe
  2. Double click on the sound file you want to play OR select it and press the [Enter] key to play.
  3. Clicking on another sound file will stop one that is currently playing and begin playing the new sound OR pressing the [Enter] key will replay the sound from the start.
  4. Buttons at the top of the program will Replay, Pause, and Stop the sound.
  5. The Browse button will allow you to choose anther directory.

Command-Line Usage:

Sound files can be played from the command-line via a parameter.

PlaySound.exe <sound file>

Enclose the file in quotes to allow for spaces in path or filename.
Environment Variables are supported.

REM Sample Batch File
PlaySound.exe "c:\Sound Files\Demo.mp3"