A screenshot of Digital Camera Copier

Digital Camera Copier

  • Transfer files from your camera or other media and portable devices
  • Transfer all files on a device or just a sub-path.
  • Filter and transfer files by type
  • Post processing support
  • Supports Windows Portable Devices
  • Works with most USB devices
  • Many options
  • Windows 10 support

Notes Password Recovery

A utility that recovers Lotus Notes ID passwords using Dictionary search method, Brute-force search method, and Password Guessing.

Choices of using either:

  • Dictionary Search Method - attempts words contained in a dictionary file.
  • Brute Force Search Method - attempts every combination of letters and characters of your choice.
  • Guess Password Method - allows you to enter what you think the password could be.

A screenshot of Clean Drive Pro

Clean Drive Pro
Find all files under a specified path & subdirectories older than a specified number of days, and optionally delete the matching files \ empty directories.

  • Search range for file\directory age is 0 to 10,000 days.
  • Search files by size.
  • Option to delete empty directories.
  • UNC paths are permitted.
  • Ability to include and exclude files by multiple masks (example *.dll or *.gif)
  • Use of case-insensitive Regular Expressions (RegEx) in search with option logical NOT operator.
  • Syntax of Regular Expressions can be manually tested.
  • All features can be run from the command-line and supports return codes.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit support.

Text Tools

Text Tools
A set of eight command-line utilities which allow the conversion of column delimited, tab delimited, CSV (comma separated values) as well as HTML tables and XML.

Col2Csv, Col2Tab, Csv2Tab, Tab2Csv, Csv2Html, Html2Csv, Csv2Xml, Xml2Csv

  • Features both command-line and GUI interfaces
  • GUI interface
  • HTML help file
  • Input/source files are tested for validity before conversion
  • Failed conversions now removes partially created output files
  • UNC support
  • Environment variable support
  • Installation path is added to the system environment variable PATH

ePolicy facilitates user notification and acceptance of policies and procedures which can reside on a file or web server. ePolicy displays policies to users and allows them to accept or decline these policies. The user's choice is recorded in a database along with their details. You can then perform subsequent actions based upon their decision.

  • Users policy decision can be used to invoke other processes through the use of return codes.
  • Previously accepted policy is not re-displayed, declined policy will be re-displayed.
  • Users cannot intentionally exit the Policy Browser without accepting or declining the policy.
  • URLs are used to display policies.
  • Policy URLs can be a web server or UNC path to a share.
  • Policy URLs supports environment variables.
  • Application does not require individual installation on client PCs.
  • Application can be run from UNC paths.
  • Settings can point to UNC paths and supports environment variables.
  • Graphical reports.
  • Search Policy records.
  • Policy data can be exported.
  • Designed for large numbers of users.

Utilities & Programs

A collection utilities and programs free for download

Microsoft SQL Server

A collection of scripts & tips for SQL Server


Click here for a range of Oracle scripts and advice.

Lotus Notes/Domino

Various applications & utilities for Lotus Notes/Domino


MAMERunner a front-end for the MAME emulator

If there is something you would like VirtualObjectives to develop or customise, then please contact us.
All Freeware programs found on this site are completely free for personal use and do not contain spyware or adware, or are crippled in any way.

Recent Changes:

October 2016

MAMERunner v4.4.1.0 UPDATED
MAMERunner front-end used to run arcade games using the MAME emulator program.
The features of this new version have been updated to include support for 7-Zip, faster ROM verification and a new look which allows you to choose your skin.

SendSMTP v2.19.0.1 UPDATED
Tool to send SMTP email via command-line parameters or interactively.
SendSMTP utilizes Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.2 and SSL v2/v3.
Support for SASL authentication (Simple Authentication and Security Layer) using the following methods; Anonymous, PLAIN, S/KEY, CRAM-MD5, CRAM-SHA1, and OTP (One-Time-Password).

August 2016

Digital Camera Copier v1.3.0.1 NEW
Digital Camera Copier allows you to easily transfer files from your camera or other media and portable devices to your computer.
To make the transfer quicker, only new files are copied. The transferred files are copied into your choice of either the original file structure as found on the source device or into folders named by a chosen date format.

December 2015

Check Blocking NEW
Check Blocking using SaveTableAsHTML NEW
Script to check for blocking activity taking longer than N number of minutes and send an email containing the connection details of all those affected.
There are two versions; one uses SaveTableAsHTML to produce a HTML table while the other does not.

Save SQL Query Results as HTML UPDATED
Save query results to a HTML file or text. Now includes a @CSS parameter allowing CSS formatting of entire table/page.

October 2015

Notes Password Recovery v4.2.0.1 UPDATED
Utility that recovers Lotus Notes ID passwords using Dictionary search method, Brute-force search method, and Password Guessing.

Save SQL Query Results to Comma Delimited Files (CSV) UPDATED
Save query results to a CSV file or text. Supports delimiters of your choice.

Check Failed Jobs UPDATED
Check whether any scheduled jobs have failed and email the errors to administrators.

September 2015

Query Active Directory \ LDAP NEW
Query Windows Active Directory (AD) (LDAP) and return all employee account records into a temporary table, overcoming the 1000 \ 1500 record limit imposed by AD.

December 2014

Using Archive Logs to Make a Copy of a Production Database NEW
How to use archive logs from a Standby environment and apply them to a new server which can be split off and used as a copy of the Production database.

Oracle RMAN Backup Scripting NEW
Describes how to configure your RMAN backup script for an Oracle RAC running on Windows servers.

Restoring a Physical Standby Database NEW
Procedure covers the complete restore of a Physical Standby database.

Restore to a Test Oracle RAC Environment NEW
How to restore a Production database into a two node Test RAC environment.

Oracle Rolling Patch Procedure - Single Instance NEW
How to perform a rolling point release upgrade of Oracle on a single instance environment running 10g on a Windows server.

Oracle Rolling Patch Procedure - RAC NEW
How to perform a rolling point release upgrade of Oracle on an Oracle RAC environment running 10g on a Windows server while keeping at least one node active.

Reinitialise Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) NEW
Learn how to reinitialise Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) for Database Control.

September 2014

NotesRepair v2.0.2.3 UPDATED NotesRepair allows you to detect and repair problems with the Lotus Notes client configuration files and databases.

August 2014

PartCopy v1.12.1.3 UPDATED This utility can copy any number of bytes from one file into a new one. Useful if you want to extract sound or data from a location within a file.

February 2014

Server Side Tracing NEW
Stored procedure that allows for the easy collection of server-side trace files. With added steps you can even start server side tracing after the SQL Server has been restarted.

Search Default Trace NEW
The default trace in SQL Server contains useful information which can help administrators with finding out when events happen. This script will allow you to display the server's default trace.

November 2013

Clean Drive Pro v2.3.0.0 UPDATED
Clean Drive Pro is a tool for system administrators which finds all files under a specified path (including subdirectories) that are older than a specified number of days.
You are then given an option to delete the matching files (including empty directories).
Searches can be refined by file size, excluding\including file types (masks) or using a Regular Expression.
Clean Drive Pro will determine the age of the file based on either Created date or Modified date (whichever is the youngest).
This tool is perfect for anyone wanting to clean up system drives.
Now supports 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Get Daylight Saving Dates NEW
Script to get the pervious and next daylight saving transition dates (and times) from the server's Registry.